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D.E.L.E. Official exams preparation.

D.E.L.E. preparation prices
(Spanish Language Official exams)

Maximum 10 students per class
Course: 6 weeks.
Price: 270 €
Registration Fee: 35 €

These classes are designed to prepare students for the DELE exam. They are not just grammar courses, but practical courses in which we familiarize students with the different parts of the exam.

There are two essential points to remember if you want to do well in any exam: show your knowledge of the skills being assessed and be familiar with the exam activities and structure. These guiding objectives have been used in designing the course. Students get exam practice using different types of written and oral exams.

The Diploma Certificates of the Spanish Language are official certificates, authorised by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. There are three levels:

-Elementary Certificate (C.I.E.).
-Intermediate Diploma (D.B.E.).
-Advanced Diploma (D.S.E.).

The C.I.E. certifies enough knowledge of Spanish that enables the holder to converse in situations which require an elementary level of communication.
The D.B.E. is an important Diploma of Spanish given that, the holders can join, automatically, the fourth year in the Official School of Languages, which means a great utilization of time.
The D.S.E. requieres not only an excellent command of the Spanish language but also a vivid knowledge of the Spanish culture.
At LinguaEstudio School, we prepare our students for these examinations and up to now we have had excellent results.

Exams are normaly twice per year.




















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